Landlord Protection


Dear Landlord,

Landlord’s Protection Insurance (Strongly Recommended)

As your Property Manager, it is our obligation to protect you and your investment property.

We have a thorough screening process in place to ensure the right tenant is selected for your property. However as we are unable to predict uncontrollable and unforeseen changes in personal events, such as a person's inability to continue paying rent.

Landlord Insurance provides you with peace of mind as your rental income and investment property are protected against the following risks:

• Loss of rent
• Accidental loss or damage
• Malicious loss or damage
• Legal liability
• Tax Audit

We strongly recommend all property owners and investors to take out landlord's insurance prior to leasing their properties. It is inexpensive and tax deductible. For a small cost, less than a dollar a day, it can offer a real peace of mind – knowing your asset is protected!

Please contact us on 02 9518 9992 or should you wish to take out the policy.